Governor's Message

Dear Rotary friends,

Rotary Greetings,

It is my pleasure to congratulate you all for the release of Directory on the occasion of Installation Ceremony of your Club. I would like to mention a famous quote by Churchill who said –

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life from what we give”.

Of course, today we exist in a society where much importance is placed on personal wealth accumulation. However, we must always remember the less fortunate among us, and the fact that life in abundance, comes as a result of giving ourselves to others.

The challenge for Rotary leaders at every level, for me, for you , for the club president , is making sure that every Rotarian can have that experience, that moment of realizing what Rotary is, what doors it opens, what privilege it is to be a Rotarian. My friends, it is an incredibly exciting time to be a Rotarian.

At present Rotary Pilot Program is “Sanitation and Hygiene” which cover 3 thrust Areas out of 6 thrust Areas of Rotary. These are fighting Diseases, Providing Clean water & Sanitation, Improving Mother and Child Health. It is clear that the project of “Sanitation & Hygiene” need priority. For accomplishing these projects we need to inculcate and understand importance of Four Way Test in our life.

Continue developing your own program according to the needs of your community thereby following the purpose of Rotary that is effectively expressed through the activities of your club and Rotarian members covering the various avenues of Rotary service, in consideration of your abilities and resources and interests of your members and particular needs and opportunities for service.

I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes to President Neha Kalia & her team for their 2018 – 19 and all Members of Rotary Club of Capital City New Delhi successful, fruitful and rewarding time ahead.

Let’s be the inspiration and have a great Rotary year!


District Governor- 2018 -19